What is Float Therapy? (10 Benefits and More)

What is Float Therapy? (10 Benefits and More)

Just when you thought yoga and mediation were the greatest trends in cognitive and physical healing, another phenomenon emerges. "Sensory Deprivation" a.k.a "Float Therapy" is a powerful tool for wellness, relaxation, calmness and optimal functioning.

Float Therapy was invented in the mid 20th century but deprivation tanks have become increasingly popular within the last few years. Spas and treatment centers have implemented advanced tanks that provide maximum comfort and isolation.

From athletes, gymnasts, cyclists, or anyone who wants to improve their mind and body, float therapy is an incredible option. It already has been widely touted by health professionals and experts who love the concept

What is Float Therapy?

Float Therapy involves being isolated in a sensory deprivation tank that is filled with room temperature water and a high concentration of epsom salt. The salt concentration allows you to float comfortably around the surface of water.

The float tank induces a state of tranquility, balances your stress response and connects your mind and body.

The term "sensory deprivation" refers to reduced sensitivity to sight, smell, touch and sound. Your body becomes deprived of all alertness and exhaustion that occurs when your adrenaline is activated.

Adrenal fatigue is what causes frustration, fatigue, physical burnout and discomfort. This can be replaced with the sensation of perpetual stillness and repose

10 Benefits of Float Therapy:

1. Relaxes the Mind and Body: Ever struggle to deeply relax, sometimes even in your own home? Floating promotes a deep state of relaxation and harmony between your mind and body allowing you to reach the ultimate zen state.

2. Ultimate Meditation: Have difficulty focusing on your intuition due to distraction? When floating, your mind is forced into a deep meditative state that is otherwise difficult to achieve. This means higher levels of meditation and more connection with your inner energy.

3. Restful Sleep: Feelings of calmness and inner connection can help you to overcome restlessness and anguish that is keeping you from getting quality sleep at night.

4. Magnesium Sufficiency: Roughly three-quarters of adults do not receive a sufficient amount of magnesium according to research. The high concentration of epsom salt-infused water provides the best absorption for your body. Magnesium production is vital for sleep, health bones and energy production.

5. Skin Health: Floating allows for a deep detoxification of your pours as they are submerged in the invigorating epsom salts. The magnesium sulfate in epsom salts acts as a natural exfoliant for your skin, cleansing your pores and maximizing hydration

6. Muscle Health: This is one of the primary reasons that float therapy became so popular. Many professional athletes use sensory deprivation tanks to promote muscle health and regularity. The weightlessness of the water provides a floating sensation for your muscles that induces deep recovery and rest.

7. Stress Response: Float therapy promotes a healthy adrenal response and helps the body adapt to external stresses, nervousness and restlessness.

8. Immune System: Studies have shown that float therapy can support a healthy immune system by means of detoxification and magnesium supplementation.

9. Cardiovascular Health: Float therapy has shown to promote cardiovascular health through stabilization of senses, calmness and deep breathing. A zen state will create balance within your core and support your vitals.

10. Cognitive Support: There is a huge link between float therapy and improved mental clarity. Healthy stress levels allow your mind to operate optimally, promoting creativity, sharpness, balance, alertness and visualization.



 See if float therapy works for you. An increasing amount of people are finding it to be very detoxifying, soothing and calming. Everyone is different but it's important to find activities that match your energy and help you to unwind and relax.

Whether it's float therapy, yoga, martial arts, mindful mediation, running, hiking or cycling, everyone needs a positive outlet for their stress. If you have extra time on your hands and still haven't found your zen, it's time to make a list. Create a list of 10 activities that you believe can help promote a healthier and more peaceful you.

Spend a few days trying each activity. You're guaranteed to discover more about yourself and find a new connection with your inner energy. This will radiate and make you happier and more fulfilled.


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