The secret foods of the Mediterranean that help you live longer

The secret foods of the Mediterranean that help you live longer

In the mid 1900’s there was a discovery among experts about inhabitants in parts of Greece, Southern Italy and Spain. They were living longer! Everyone was curious as to what it was that made these people so healthy.

It was discovered that the secret of their longevity lies in the consumption of a particularly enriched diet. This diet includes proportionally high consumption of olive oil, legumes, fruits, lean meats, vegetables and dairy products and moderate consumption of wine.

The unique thing about this diet is it focuses on consuming foods that are homegrown and organic. A majority of people living in the Mediterranean region during this era couldn’t afford expensive and processed foods. They were forced to indulge in foods that came from the Earth and their health really flourished from it!

Below are 5 ways to get started on the Mediterranean Diet and optimize its health benefits:

  1. Consume more vegetables: It is important to consume a lot of vegetables that are high in nutritional values. Pick a variety of vegetables of all different colors to get a range of antioxidants and vitamins.
  2. Replace butter and margarine with healthy oils: Olive oil is a great substitute for butter and is an enriched source of heart-healthy monosaturated fats.
  3. Choose the right Proteins: Picking the right sources that are low in saturated fats will deliver your body the highest quality of protein. Swap out most of your red meat and get your protein from skinless chicken and turkey, fish, beans, nuts and other plants.
  4. Focus on Whole Grains: Consume whole grains that haven’t been refined. Quinoa, brown pasta and rice are the best sources for whole grain. Adding a little olive oil to any of these grains makes for a delicious side to any meal.
  5. Choosing Nutritious Snacks: Snack on a handful of almonds, walnuts or sunflower seeds in place of chips, cookies or other processed snack foods, which are often loaded with sugars, saturated fat and trans fats. Nuts and seeds are packed with protein and healthy fats to help give you energy and make you feel stronger.


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