Can an Enriched Diet Help your Aching Joints?

Can an Enriched Diet Help your Aching Joints?

There is no doubt that there has been a huge shift towards a “Fit America.” Americans have realized the importance of living an active lifestyle aimed towards health and longevity. An increasing amount of people are running, cycling, hiking and competing in sports on a daily basis.

As you age, your joints begin to slowly deteriorate due to everyday wear and tear. The Arthritis Foundation has indicated that roughly 1 out of 5 adults over the age of 18 have doctor diagnosed arthritis. Specialists recommend various treatments for aching joints such as topical creams, steroids and biologics. However, many people tend to overlook a crucial component in joint defense. DIET!

Research shows that diet can play a huge role in fighting inflammation, strengthening bones and easing that nagging pains. Below are five adjustments to make to your diet to improve your joint health today:

  1. Fuel up on fish: Omega-3 rich fish such as salmon tuna, mackerel and herring have proven to significantly reduce inflammation and improve your immune system.
  2. Adding Nuts to your Diet: One of the best healthy snacks you can have are nuts. They are loaded with healthy fats and antioxidants that can help protect against damaging inflammation.
  3. Daily Dairy: Low-fat dairy products in moderation are great for those that tolerate it well. Its abundance of Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption and strong bones.
  4. Reap the Benefits of Green Tea: Green tea is definitely a ‘hall of fame’ supplement to a healthy diet. Its abundance of polyphenols and antioxidants have many healing properties for pain. Also, it contains the compound EGCG which can help sooth inflammation in connective joint tissues.
  5. Load up on Dark-Greens: Dark green vegetables like kale, brussel sprouts and spinach are packed with antioxidants.

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