8 Day Pre-Thanksgiving Detox for Weight Loss

8 Day Pre-Thanksgiving Detox for Weight Loss

Most of us are wishing that we were already in perfect shape by now. However, we know it can be hard to juggle all of your fall traditions, priorities and health goals all at once. If you're not yet where you want to be, don't panic!

Additional stress is not going to be productive at a time like this. There is still a lot of ways that you can get in better shape before Thanksgiving next Thursday and we are here to help!

Sunergetic has always liked to give you a systematic approach for achieving health goals and weight loss is no different. There is a lot of progress to be made in 8 days for your weight and overall health. Taking your goals in stride and working hard each day is important to see a change in this next week.


We really like to stress this first step in any detox or weight loss plan. The first step in getting in shape is really the hardest. It takes discipline and motivation to start off your regiment the right way with the perfect breakfast. This will set a precedent for your 8 day cleanse as you move forward.

Proteins and fat for Breakfast: Getting protein and healthy fats in your breakfast regiment will really give you a strong source of fuel for energy during the day. We suggest foods such as turkey, egg whites, low fat turkey sausage, nut butters and avocados. Any and all foods that stem from a Keto Diet will help keep your body and mind working to burn fat.

Coffee, Good or Bad?

This has been an age old debate when it comes to the proper breakfast. Is coffee a viable option for energy at breakfast? Many diets recommend that you stay away from coffee and stick completely with water in the morning. However, we believe that you shouldn't have to give up your morning coffee in order to be healthy.

Coffee is an important part of this 8 Day Cleanse for all of its stimulating benefits.The caffeine in coffee can actually support brain functioning, increase your energy and boost your metabolism.

In its purest form, when black (even better when organic) coffee can give you all of these benefits. What you add to your coffee can be the difference of whether or not it is healthy.

Healthy Options: Stevia, almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk, fat-free skim milk, lactose free milk, cinnamon.

Unhealthy Options: Sugar, whole milk, whipped cream, caramel, chocolate syrup, creamers.

Breakfast Recipe Idea: Try an omelette with 2 whole eggs, 2 spring onions, one red pepper, reduced fat cheddar, chopped fresh tomatoes and a few slices of low sodium turkey.


Morning Snack:

Fruits and Vegetables: Fruits and veggies provide a great source for vitamins and minerals that will help you to power through your whole day.

The proper assortment of green veggies and fresh fruits will help you feel lighter and less bloated than a granola bar snack or highly salted bagged chips or pretzels.

We recommend using a juicer or blender to make freshly squeezed juices or refreshing smoothies.

Morning Snack Smoothie Recipe: Try a Super-food Green Detox Smoothie. Blend together spinach, kale, mango, pineapple, banana, and fresh ginger with ice in a blender for a combination that is sweet and refreshing. This smoothie is abundant in vitamins, fiber and inflammatory properties to keep you feeling good.


The biggest mistakes that people make when eating lunch is loading up on carbohydrates. If your breakfast is not filling and leaves much to be desired, your body will crave a huge and sometimes unhealthy lunch.

We recommend getting more legumes, fruits, vegetables and meats for lunch to keep you feeling light, but full and energized.

Lunch Recipe Idea: Organic arugula salad, with cranberry, walnuts, fresh avocado (steak or chicken) sea salt and a homemade vinagrette.



 Dinner can seem like a daunting task for people as they go through pages and pages of complicated recipes. Over-complication is a big mistake a lot of people making when finding dinner. This can lead you to spending hours creating difficult dinners or overloading your portion on something elaborate.

We're going to keep things simple for you for this 8 Day Cleanse. A typical dinner is complete with a meat, a vegetable and a starch. For the sake of a cleanse we are going to recommend cutting out your starch for a few nights.

Dinner Recipe Idea: Grilled Salmon with fresh lemon and asparagus sauteed in olive oil. If you treat yourself to some high quality salmon, you won't be missing your starch for a few evenings. If you feel that you need starch to complete your meal, we recommend a baked sweet potato.

8 Day Cleanse Tip List:

1. Avoid and Substitute Carbohydrates

2. Consume Foods High in Healthy Fats

3. Consume Foods High in Protein and Antioxidants

4. Reduce your Sugar Intake Incrementally

5. Drink an Adequate Amount of Water to Flush Toxins

6. Consume Strong Sources of Fuel in the Morning

7. Keep a Normal and Sound Sleep Schedule

8. Consume lots of Fiber for Optimal Digestion

9. Exercise Often, Keep Your Body in Motion



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