4 Easy Steps to Cleansing your Liver

4 Easy Steps to Cleansing your Liver

For your liver to take care of your body, it must be able to perform at its best ability. It is a hardworking organ that controls a lot of your body’s main functions.

The liver is vital in removing toxins from the blood and storing healthy vitamins and minerals. It regulates blood composition and produces chemicals that prevent dangerous blood clots. Factors such as heavy alcohol consumption, autoimmune diseases, high triglycerides and obesity could put your liver at risk.

It is very vital to take daily measures to protect your liver and give it the nutrients it needs to operate at an optimal level. Below is an easy five step plan to cleanse your liver and improve your overall health:

  1. Remove Toxins from your Diet: In order to heal from within your body needs to flush out damaging toxins. The best way to start is by preventing more damaging toxins from entering your body. The most common example of these toxins are found in processed foods, hydrogenated oils, alcohol and fast foods with heavy preservatives. Substitute these with organic lean meats such as salmon, chicken and turkey. We also recommend nuts and seeds as a delicious and healthy snack.
  2. Juicing your Vegetables: Various health benefits and liver promoting benefits come from a diverse range of different color vegetables and their assortment of nutrients. It can be nearly impossible to add all of these into your diet regiment on a daily basis. We suggest combining them with fruits and making juice and smoothie recipes. The most liver promoting vegetables include cabbage, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. Combining them with carrots, oranges and ginger can help enhance the flavor!
  3. Reduce Alcohol Consumption: Most people are aware of the dangers of alcohol and how it can have a lot of damaging effects on your body. Alcohol can cause heavy inflammation in the liver which can cause permanent damage and scar tissue. It can also lead to a buildup of fat and toxins and allow bad bacteria to infect your liver. The less alcohol you consume, the healthier your liver will be.
  4. Drink More Water: There is a reason that this advice is becoming more and more redundant from health professionals. Water is the most important thing you could put into your body that cleanses it. The body is made up of roughly 60% of water and it is needed by every cell to function properly. A liver that is dehydrated is not going to operate fully and your body won’t be able to flush out toxins.

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