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Berberine: Nature's Golden Secret Weapon

Berberine: Nature's Golden Secret Weapon

What is Berberine?

Berberine is a yellow-colored alkaloid compound found in several different plants, including European barberry, goldenseal, goldthread, Oregon grape, phellodendron, and tree turmeric.

Berberine has a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine, where it was used to treat various ailments.

Modern Nutritionists and health experts have been revealing more and more founded studies pertaining to Berberine's health promoting qualities.

How Does it Work?

Berberine has now been tested in over hundreds of different studies as shown to promote various different health benefits.

After you ingest berberine, it gets taken in by the body and transported into the bloodstream. Then it travels into the body’s cells.

Berberine is sometimes referred to as a “metabolic master switch” because of it's ability to promote a strong metabolic response. [1]

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5 Health Benefits of Berberine:

1. Blood Sugar Regulation: Berberine has been heavily touted for its strong blood-regulating abilities.There are many founded studies that have revealed stellar things about this amazing herb. A clinical trial published in Metabolism revealed that berberine can help regulate blood sugar levels and improve your body's metabolic reaction to foods.

2. Weight Management: Berberine's effectiveness as a blood sugar and blood pressure reducer has made it easier for people to manager their weight. It is a recommended supplement to any diet or weight loss regiment.

3. Digestive Regulation: People have been taking berberine for years to aid their gut. Its strength as a dominant anti-inflammatory helps have a healing effect on the digestive system and stomach.

4 Cholesterol Management: Berberine has been shown to help regulate cholesterol levels and promote strong cardiovascular health. [2]

5. Robust Anti-Inflammatory: It works to help manage inflammation and promote a strong antioxidant defense system. [3]

Sunergetic's Premium Formula:

We couldn't pass up the opportunity to craft the most advanced Berberine Formula on the market today.

After discovering all of the incredible benefits of this potent herb, we knew that we had to deliver a Berberine Supplement to our customers.

Today it is considered one of the world’s most powerful natural supplements for blood sugar, cardiovascular health, immune health and digestion. 

Superior Berberine Dosage:

Most research on Berberine has been done at a level of 1,500 mg daily. Unlike many other brands, we use 600mg of Berberine per capsule. Our Berberine Supplement helps you achieve optimal levels of this potent plant alkaloid with fewer capsules per day.

Our Berberine HCL Extract Supplement has shown to:

- Help support healthy blood sugar levels already within the normal range*

- Help support immune system*

- Help support digestion and weight management.*

- Free of gluten, soy, preservatives, dairy, corn, yeast and shellfish.*

Made in USA and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed:

All of our supplements are manufactured in the United States in an FDA registered facility that adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). We offer a no questions asked money back guarantee because we are very confident you will love our supplements. Try our natural supplements to see and feel an amazing difference in your health.

Stellar Reviews:

Don't take our word for it! Just checkout all of the amazing FOUR-STAR reviews from our customers who have taken control of their health with our amazing Berberine Supplement

Keiko H (Verified Buyer):

My overall experience was great. I was told by my doctor that my blood sugar level has been elevating. I decided to order this supplement after the diagnosis. I have taken it for less than a month. However, I already feel a difference! I am more energetic, and I can focus on things more easily. Thank you very much for this great product!!

Frances S (Verified Buyer):

Having purchased recently I need 2-3 months to learn whether this product will have the desired effect. What I know for sure is after researching, this product's source is unique from others and customer service in responding to my questions was great. Thank you for bringing quality products to the public.

Kathy M (Verified Buyer):

I have type 2 diabetes - this particular brand of Berberine keeps my #s low - and if I measure and the # is high, I take one of these and 20 minutes later it's in a good range. (110 - 130). I can't say enough about this product.




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Berberine: Nature's Golden Secret Weapon
James Scarmozzino

James Scarmozzino founded Sunergetic in 2011 after being diagnosed with pre-cancerous skin cells. Shocked that he could be diagnosed with a potentially life threatening disease a young age, he began looking into natural remedies and solutions to help heal faster and protect against further deteriorating health. 

His mission was simple: To utilize the most current scientific information available to create powerful natural supplements that promote healing, longevity and vitality. 

Sunergetic’s stands by this mission today by harnessing the healing power of nature to create premium natural supplements. 

We believe the best nutrients come from natural and whole foods, but even the most health conscious among us are not able to get everything they need from diet and lifestyle changes alone.

In today’s fast paced world and conflicting messages, maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become complicated and hard. Sunergetic supplements provide the missing nutritional support you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and accomplish your goals. 

In his free time, he writes nutrition articles on the Sunergetic Blog based off the latest research and clinical trials. 

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