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Are Supplements Really Necessary?

Are Supplements Really Necessary?

You’ve probably seen a lot of conflicting reports online about whether you should take dietary supplements.

One set of research will ‘disprove’ a vitamin’s effectiveness, while yet another will tout its superpowers. Adding to the confusion, an ‘expert’ will tell you to just get your vitamins from eating healthy foods!

You would think that following an organic, plant-based, whole-foods diet would provide all the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need to stay healthy. But...

The truth is that even with a clean diet there are many overlooked factors that make it hard for you to fill in the nutrient gaps. These factors include poor soil condition, food storage and transportation, stress and a toxic environment.

The good news is you don’t have to take dozens of supplements daily to cover the nutrients you’re not getting. In fact, here are the top five supplements most doctors recommend:

  1. A high-quality multivitamin

The body needs roughly 40 vitamins and minerals each day for good health.4 Since most of us fall short of meeting this requirement, the best place to start compensating for the shortfall is a daily multivitamin. A high-quality multivitamin provides a safe, effective way to correct most nutritional deficiencies.Even if your diet is already pretty nutrient-dense and antioxidant-rich, you can still take a multivitamin. On the bottle, check to make sure the product is manufactured in an FDA registered facility.

  1. Vitamin D

Also known as the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D is required by every single cell of your body in order to function properly. Since Vitamin D deficiency affects three-quarters of the US population and we can’t get the amount we truly need from food alone, supplementing is key.5

Vitamin D supplements are inexpensive and easy to take via softgels or liquid drops. Since vitamin D is a fat-soluble nutrient, take it with food that contains some fat to improve nutrient absorption by the body.

  1. Omega-3 fats

Omega-3 fats can be found in plant sources such as flax, as well as fish oil from salmon, cod liver or sardines. These important fats lower cholesterol by lowering triglycerides and raising HDL. Healthy fat is also essential for optimal brain health, as your brain itself is comprised of about 60 percent fat. If you're not getting enough healthy fats, specifically enough from wild-caught fish, you might want to consider an omega-3 fish oil supplement.

  1. Magnesium

Magnesium is needed for over 300 crucial biochemical reactions in your body.6 And like vitamin D, studies show many Americans aren't getting recommended amounts, which may lead to increased inflammation and problems with sleep, anxiety, migraines and brain fog.7 Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in your body, so if you are lacking, then you may be feeling some of the effects. If you’re deficient, add more magnesium-rich foods to your diet (like spinach, pumpkin seeds, banana and avocado) or keep it simple and take a once daily Magnesium supplement.

  1. Fiber

Not eating your three to five servings of vegetables a day? Then adding a fiber supplement will make it easier to get the fiber your body needs.

For example, a super fiber like Psyllium Husk supports digestive health and promotes regularity. Taken with a full glass of water, this dietary fiber supplement provides a quick, convenient way to deliver vital nourishment to the gut.


Thinking about taking Sunergetic Supplements to support your health?

If you want to take supplements to complement a healthy diet, it’s always important to take your individual needs and health status into consideration. Don’t play guesswork with your health -- talk to your doctor and get tested for nutrient deficiencies. Working with your primary care doctor or a functional medicine practitioner can help you determine what nutrients you’re missing so you can take the supplements that are right for you.


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