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Can you slow down aging?

Can you slow down aging?

With advancing years comes advancing aging, and while that isn’t the kind of news anyone really wants to hear, it is a cold, hard fact of life. Despite that, there is some good news, and that comes in the form of many different ways to turn back that ticking clock, and keep your skin looking as youthful as possible, for as long as possible.

A few of these methods are simply down to lifestyle, and the earlier you instill these into your regular daily routine, the better, however a few are basic common sense, meaning everyone can keep their skin looking as young as possible, for as long as possible.

Drink plenty of water

You’ve probably heard this a million times before, how supermodels drink endless glasses of water to keep their skin flawless, but there is plenty of truth in it. Basically, drinking water detoxes your entire body, helping to flush out impurities and rubbish which otherwise clogs up your entire lymphatic system. If your body is cleansed and hydrated then your skin will be brighter as a result.

There is some debate over how much water is enough, because it is possible to drink too much, but in general 8 x 8 ounce glasses, which is roughly 2 litters, is thought to be the marker of choice from studies which have been performed.

Use regular sunscreen

The sun doesn’t have to be beating down at 30 degrees for your skin to suffer damage! Wearing a safe sunscreen on a daily basis will help protect your skin against the sun’s harmful rays, even when it’s cloudy. We know that sun damage is one of the most ageing factors for skin, so pick cosmetics which have UV protection included, and apply a layer to your skin as part of your daily routine.

Cleanse, tone and moisturize every night

Yes, it’s a pain to have to go through a skincare routine every night, when you probably just want to fall into bed at the end of a busy day, but dedicating a few minutes to this will mean your skin stays younger looking for longer. Use good quality products and make sure you remove all traces of grime, to keep your pores clear and unclogged.

Always remove make up

Hands up who is guilty of going to bed without removing make up! I’m guessing many of you are sheepishly thinking ‘that’s me’, but not removing your make up can do all sorts of damage to your skin, not least clogging up pores, causing spots, and generally wreaking havoc. Try and avoid make up wipes if at all possible, or avoid using them as your only source of cleansing on a regular basis, because they don’t get deep enough to remove all traces, and will leave you will the odd spot here and there – enough to clog up your precious pores and cause imbalances.

Mix up your skincare routine regularly as your needs change

If you regularly use the same skincare products then you might find they start to work less effectively over time, basically as your skin condition changes. Like anything in life, our needs alter slightly as time goes on, so change your products accordingly, to make sure your skin is getting exactly what it needs.

Have a consultation and find what works for you

If you regularly walk past beauty counters and scurry along, trying not to make eye contact and be dragged into conversation, then maybe it’s time you gave it a go. Having a skincare consultation will give you valuable information on what type of skin you have, which will mean buying products is easier, because you can target your needs accordingly. You can often try free samples of products too, which means you can try before you buy.

You get what you pay for with skincare products, so invest wisely

Get plenty of sleep

Stocking up on zzzzz isn’t just for your entire body, but for your skin too. When you sleep your body heals itself and regenerates cells, which is vital for clear, healthy-looking skin. When you’re tired and sleep deprived your whole appearance is grey and dull, which is of course very ageing in itself.

Make sure you get a standard eight hours of shut eye per night – make it a priority!

Eat brightly colored fruit and vegetables 

Your diet is one of the most crucial factors in healthy, youthful looking skin, so along with consuming your daily quota of water, make sure you stock up your diet with fruit and vegetables. These 7 foods are the best for anti-aging.

The general rule is the brighter, the better, such as red and green peppers for example, which contain important antioxidants, helping the body fight bacteria and stay in tip-top health. If you feel good on the inside, it shows on the outside.

Avoid smoking and too much alcohol

You won’t need me to tell you that smoking and drinking are bad for your health, and we discussed that your health on the inside is visible on the outside via your skin. Smoking causes lines around the mouth, and it dulls skin. On top of this, alcohol dehydrates the skin and leaves you looking older as a result. The answer? Avoid smoking, drink in moderation, and keep your diet healthy.

Studies have shown that quitting smoking has a hugely beneficial effect on your entire body, not just your skin.

Adding Sunergetic along with these skincare tips can help improve your skin and health.

Think of Sunergetic like your anti-aging and skincare insurance policy. Taking just 1 capsule everyday has shown help increase skin hydration & elasticity, support youthful skin and provide powerful antioxidant support.

Can you slow down aging?
James Scarmozzino

James Scarmozzino founded Sunergetic in 2011 after being diagnosed with pre-cancerous skin cells. Shocked that he could be diagnosed with a potentially life threatening disease a young age, he began looking into natural remedies and solutions to help heal faster and protect against further deteriorating health. 

His mission was simple: To utilize the most current scientific information available to create powerful natural supplements that promote healing, longevity and vitality. 

Sunergetic’s stands by this mission today by harnessing the healing power of nature to create premium natural supplements. 

We believe the best nutrients come from natural and whole foods, but even the most health conscious among us are not able to get everything they need from diet and lifestyle changes alone.

In today’s fast paced world and conflicting messages, maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become complicated and hard. Sunergetic supplements provide the missing nutritional support you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and accomplish your goals. 

In his free time, he writes nutrition articles on the Sunergetic Blog based off the latest research and clinical trials. 

We welcome you to join the exclusive Sunergetic Healthy Life Community on Facebook where we are dedicated to providing the latest nutritional advice on foods, herbs, diets and supporting each other achieve our health goals.

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