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11 Cleansing Foods for Liver Rejuvenation

11 Cleansing Foods for Liver Rejuvenation

The liver is a vital organ in your body for optimal well-being. The main function of your liver is to filter toxins from your blood and eliminate foreign substances.

Just like any operating filter system, your liver needs proper maintenance in order to function to the best of its ability. If your liver is overburdened with substances that don't belong in your body, it will have an increasingly hard time keeping you protected.

However, a proper detox is a delicate process. Aside from avoiding foods and alcohol that can cause further damage, it's important to arm yourself with the right nutritional foods that can help revitalize your liver.

A liver cleansing diet has not only been to protect your liver but also boost your immune system, reduce cholesterol levels and regulate blood sugar levels.

We put together a list of 11 foods that can help cleanse your liver, give you antioxidant support and protect you from the dangers of free radicals.

11 Cleansing Foods for Liver Rejuvenation:

1. Grapefruit:

Vitamin C plays a huge role in liver rejuvenation. Grapefruit has a high concentration of Vitamin C and is a great metabolism booster. Healthy weight management is important for liver protection. Grapefruit can work to flush out carcinogens and toxins.

2. Garlic:

For thousands of years garlic has been consumed to help with everyday common ailments. Studies have found that chemical compounds allicin and selenium in garlic can aid in liver cleansing.

3. Turmeric:

Used as a spice, tumeric has been known to help our bodies digest fats. It contains more than two dozen anti-inflammatory compounds and is a top rated anti-inflammatory food. [1]

4. Beet Juice:

Beets are a high-antioxidant vegetable that contain a number of nutrients that have been shown to be cleansing and detoxifying. Betaine, pectin and betalains are just a few of the elements that make beets a vegetable superfood. We recommend juicing beets and adding additional fruits for a flavor and vitamin boost. [2]

 5. Arugula:

Arugula provides high levels of protein, thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B6, zinc, copper, Vitamin B5 and flavonoids. Its high variety of vitamins and nutritional value allows arugula and other leafy green vegetables the ability to fight toxins and free radicals. [3]

6. Olive Oil:

Olive Oil is made up of primarily monosaturated fats. Monosaturated fats move more smoothly through the body and have been shown to help with cholesterol management. Healthy Fats such as olive oil have numerous benefits for major organs in the body. [4]

7. Blueberries/Cranberries:

Consuming these fruits for 3–4 weeks can help you build up antioxidant enzymes for liver support. They also both contain anthocyanins, an extremely powerful flavonoid to fight free radicals.

8. Nuts:

Another healthy fat has made it to our list. Nuts are strong Vitamin E and protein sources and have been shown to improve liver enzyme levels while helping to flush fat toxins.

9. Fatty Fish:

Fatty Fish such herring, mackeral and salmon all have highly concentrated levels of Omega 3 acids. Most people have high levels of Omega 6 which can be a dangerous imbalance for your liver. Omega 3 acids restore that balance and can be found in these enriched sources.

10. Cruciferous Vegetables:

These include vegetables such as brussel sprouts and broccoli that are high in fiber. Cruciferous veggies increase levels of detoxification enzymes that are conducive to detoxing your liver. [5]

11. Milk Thistle:

Milk thistle extract has been studied for many health benefits including, liver, kidney and gall bladder health. 

Milk thistle contains the flavonoid silymarin, which has shown to help support liver health, detoxify, cleanse and support immune health.

It also helps protect against free radical damage. Milk thistle contains high levels of lipophilic extracts from the seeds of the plant, which act as bioflavanoid antioxidants that help support immune health.

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11 Cleansing Foods for Liver Rejuvenation
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